I’m not a fan of By Morin

Je ne suis pas une fan de Maripier Morin

Since the case Nolin-Morin broke out, I wrote several articles on the subject. I received an abundance of mail. Readers have written to me : “You take the defense by Morin “, or ” You’re a fan of By Morin “.

I’ve even read : “You are secretly in love by Morin “. Uh… no. I’m in love as a principle.


I do not take the defence by Morin, I defend the presumption of innocence. I’m not a fan of By Morin, I am a fan of the right to a fair and just trial.

And I’m a fan of another principle : the sentence must be appropriate to the offence committed. It is for this reason that our justice system does not punish in the same way a path is simple and serious fact. Murder in the first or second degree.

Among the emails received, I have also read : “The justice system does not work. It is for this reason that the social media are more effective.”

I have two words to answer that : Nathalie Simard.

Remember that the December 20, 2004, the producer and impresario Guy Cloutier has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison by judge Robert SansfaƧon, at the Palais de justice of Montreal.

Here is a reminder of the facts, taken from the site of Radio-Canada, to refresh the memory. “Previously, on 17 November, at the opening of a preliminary inquiry, Guy Cloutier had stunned the Quebec and recognizing that he is guilty of sexually assaulting two children for many years.

The singer, who was assaulted for seven years, was only 11 years old at the time of the first assault.

The other victim, who does not want to still not be identified, was reportedly assaulted by the manager of artists over a period of six years from the age of 12 years. “

These days, we hear a lot of certain politicians, and even our prime minister, to talk about the “courage” of the denunciations anonymous on social media.

For me, the true “courage” is the one that has demonstrated Nathalie Simard when she contacted the police to denounce one of the most powerful men of quebec showbiz, in February 2004.

And you know what is most ironic in all of this ? The social network Facebook, the cradle of all anonymous complaints today has seen the light of day (I guessed)… in February 2004.


You want a pewter ? One of the women who had denounced the culture of rape in the midst of the humor is now itself the target of a charge (anonymous) rape.

The page “safe space,” that she co-founded the evicts… without having any proof.

Still there is a certain irony.

You may have heard about the page Facebook ” Say his Name “, who published his famous “List of attackers” ?

Did you know that the creators of this page, now sell masks to protect against the COVID-19 ?

For fifteen dollars, you get a beautiful black mask with the words “#brisonslesilence ” embroidered in white.

The denouncement has now become a small ” business “. It’s going to go well.

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