“I'm proud of the team” – Kent Hughes

“I'm proud of the team» - Kent Hughes< /p> UPDATE DAY

Although the Montreal Canadiens are in the National Hockey League (NHL) slums for the second year in a row, general manager Kent Hughes likes what he's seeing on many levels.< /strong> 

“I'm proud of the team, I'm proud of the coaches and the players, they don't give up,” he said on Tuesday after leaving the meeting of the general managers of the NHL, in Florida.

“At the beginning of the year, someone asked me what a successful season would be like and I said that if we saw individual development of our players, but also of our team [it would be a success] and I think we can see it.”

“It's not just young people who become better players, there are veterans who continue to advance in their game. And I think our coaches have learned a lot, they have experience as players, but are young as coaches, so it's fun to see that everyone is advancing together .”< /p>

Hughes then commented specifically on Martin St-Louis' development over the past few months.

“He's able to manage individuals as well as the team,” he said. he first analyzed. I said at the start that it takes some emotional intelligence to be a good coach in the National League these days and you see that from Martin and all the assistants.”

“I had talked about Martin with Vincent Lecavalier [before his hiring] and he said to me: “When you draft a player, you draft him for his potential. If you ask me who has the potential to be one of the best coaches, it's Martin.”»