“I’m tired of this junk”: Putin’s television Ernst publicly punished for “exhumation” Pugacheva

"Надоели с этой рухлядью": путинского телевизионщика Эрнста публично наказали за "эксгумацию" Пугачевой

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Russia broke the scandal because of the Christmas broadcasts of the Kremlin First channel. Journalists write that it is difficult to understand what the year. The Russians once again waiting for the movies: “Office romance”, “the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures” and “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”.

It turns out that a good modern film. It turns out that artists are no more. Viewers will be entertained by Lev Leshchenko and Sofia Rotaru. And often in the air will appear Alla Pugacheva. There were rumors that Konstantin Ernst, invite Alla Pugacheva to sing and to dance on the main state TV channel of the country for a few tens of millions of rubles. About it write the Russian mass media.

"Надоели с этой рухлядью": путинского телевизионщика Эрнста публично наказали за "эксгумацию" Пугачевой

Alla Pugacheva, photo Getty Images

There is also information that Alla Borisovna in a special pavilion records the video for one of the new songs, which should give the crowd prior to the President’s address.

"Надоели с этой рухлядью": путинского телевизионщика Эрнста публично наказали за "эксгумацию" Пугачевой

Alla Pugacheva photo: narodna-pravda.ua

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Network ordinary people believe that paying nuisance Pugacheva millions and stuff it is the people the holidays is not: “It would be in the village on a pig farm, for 20 thousand rubles per month. Let there be singing. Hard worker”, “Lenina to see banned? So Canary is also not necessary to watch. Dried up mummy”, “Thank you, good people, it warned that now will not be the First to watch. And every year on the 31st we hope for the best, and the best comes to us in the form of grandmother Alla. Well, the term has been”, “Ernst invite Alla Pugacheva to sing and to dance… Shake your relics? The exhumation is pursued, and the Russian Orthodox Church calls this a sin”, “Again the old woman to entertain will be the only one? No one looks at these lights, fed up with this junk every year the same faces!”.

We will remind, grandma of twins Pugacheva accused the Diva in her addiction: “Hooked me”.

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