[IMAGE] An Ironman to help young

[IMAGES] Un Ironman pour venir en aide aux jeunes

To counter the effects of confinement on young people, the director-general of an organization that aims to prevent early school leaving through sport has harvested 12 000 $ with an Ironman triathlon in Quebec city.

For its 55th anniversary, the general manager of Motivaction Jeunesse, Luke Richer, has decided to organise its own Ironman triathlon, the Challenge 55. All of them, by collecting donations to counter the negative impact of confinement on young people.

Short of breath, but the smile split from ear to ear, the man has completed his journey yesterday evening at the place D’youville, after having travelled 55 km by bike, 55 km in the race, and 5.5 km swim.

“This is what we try to teach young people : perseverance, courage, will to exceed and go beyond the difficulties,” says the man whose organization also aims to prevent delinquency and inactivity among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Not only is Mr. Richer has launched this personal challenge, but he also invited the population to move from her side or to accompany him for part of the journey, in exchange for a donation. In the end, nearly 500 people, which raised$ 12,000 for the cause.

Collateral damage

To the managing director of Motivaction jeunesse, the pandemic has had big physical and psychological impact among young people who have become collateral damage of this crisis.

“They get bored, they lose a lot of time at home on screens, and they live a lot of social dropping out since the beginning of the crisis, he says. Not to mention the anxiety, reduced motivation, and consumption of drugs.”

“At the beginning of classes, in September, we are going to have a lot of work catching up to do because of all this, it is certain”, it is feared there.

Back to normal

Noor Mohammed, a young immigrant from Bangladesh, which lies close to the body for a few years, knows well the feeling of loneliness and bored perpetrated by the confinement to the home.

In traversing a part of the triathlon alongside Luc Richer, at a distance of two meters, he was able to reconnect with his love of the sport.

“This is the first time that I’d run with someone for a very long time because of the pandemic. It is a day of celebration for me!” tells the story of the young man who was waiting for this day “forward”.

For Noor, this first day of plein-air with people that are significant represents “a new beginning”, after the dark period of the crisis.

“This is encouraging. This is a first step towards a return to normal.”

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