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Образ дня: с чем носить твидовой костюм, как у Джессики Альбы

Jessica Alba

Sometimes, to get excellent no need to wear a lot of jewelry and do flashy makeup. For everyday outfit enough of a little dress or with a skirt kit. But if the weather is not pleasant with heat, you can stay on the choice of a more dense tissue, as did the Hollywood actress Jessica Alba.

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The star was spotted on the streets of new York in a stylish tweed suit from American brand Proenza Schouler, which consisted of a short tube top and layered skirt to the floor. Seemingly trivial black color attire, but colored strips did their job and gave the image brightness.

Образ дня: с чем носить твидовой костюм, как у Джессики Альбы

Tweed image of Jessica Alba from Proenza Schouler

The main part of her everyday outfit was the styling: hair, curled in big curls in the style of Carrie Bradshaw, said her perfect oval face and added romance. In conclusion, the image of Jessica’s shoes black high heel shoes and bag to match.

We will remind, within three days after giving birth, actress Jessica Alba has pleased fans with their new photo and showed what she looks like.

Not long ago Jessica Alba posted a baby photo, which she sealed at the age of 10. In the caption to the picture, the actress explained that mom wanted to send her to modeling school and even searched for different model agencies, but Alba from the age of 10 knew he wanted to be an actress.

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