[IMAGE] the mass Mobilization in Washington and a ceremony for George Floyd

[IMAGES] Mobilisation massive à Washington et cérémonie pour George Floyd

WASHINGTON | The first protesters arrived Saturday in Washington, kept at a distance from the White House, by imposing fences, to protest against racism and police brutality during a day marked by a new ceremony to the memory of George Floyd.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to participate in the federal capital u.s. under a blazing sun for which should be the largest mobilization since the beginning of the movement, there is 9 days.

A large part of the city centre was already cordoned off Saturday morning, noted journalists from AFP. More than a dozen groups, many formed spontaneously on the social networks after the death of George Floyd, were called to invade the streets of the capital.

The important gatherings ahead also in many american cities, including New York, Miami, or Minneapolis, where George Floyd died and where started the riots.

Led by a massive response on the social networks, the movement has made spot oil up to London, Pretoria, Paris and even Sydney, where at least 20,000 people demonstrated on Saturday.

After a first moving ceremony in Minneapolis on Thursday, a second tribute will be made Saturday at the African-American 46-year-old was asphyxiated by a white policeman during an arrest on may 25, in this city in the north of the country. The new ceremony will be held at Raeford, in his home State of North Carolina.

The controversy rises in the face of the repression of demonstrations by the security forces. Several videos showing police interventions that are robust in the face of peaceful protesters have emerged in recent days.

In anticipation of new protests, the police chief of Seattle has announced the prohibition of the use of tear gas for thirty days.

The police of Minneapolis announced Friday that it prohibited now the “outlets effect”, technical dangerous especially used in 2014 in New York city of Eric Garner, another black man died at the hands of the police whose cries of “I can’t breathe” have also been pronounced by George Floyd in his death.

“A great day”

The new examples of police violence, in particular during the repression of these protests, sometimes violent, feeding on the anger behind the protests that have shaken the United States since the death of George Floyd.

Some of the claims of the protesters, who marched for 10 days, have been heard: the policeman, who has supported for nearly nine minutes, his knee on the neck of George Floyd was convicted Wednesday of voluntary manslaughter — and not involuntary — and the other three agents on charges of complicity.

But the markets now go beyond this single case, to denounce systemic racism and to demand a real change.

They are these last days remained peaceful, and several cities, including Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles, have now lifted their curfew. But not New York, where it is maintained until Sunday evening. On Friday, thousands of people have converged in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Several demonstrations have also taken place abroad, notably in Canada, where the prime minister Justin Trudeau marched in Ottawa, with several thousands of protesters.

Donald Trump, who never ceases to call to restore public order, has called again on Friday the States which have not done so, such as New York, to call in reinforcement in the national Guard.

It has sparked an outcry by declaring, in a speech dedicated to the surprise drop in unemployment, that it was a “great day” for George Floyd “in terms of equality,” while the president is accused to have so far offered no response to the evils denounced by the protesters.

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