[IMAGES] Management of the crisis of the COVID-19: violent protests in Belgrade

[EN IMAGES] Gestion de la crise de la COVID-19: violentes manifestations à Belgrade

BELGRADE | Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic has accused Thursday of “hooliganism crime” of being responsible for violence between protesters furious at the authorities ‘ handling of the crisis of the sars coronavirus and the police, who have been ten casualties in the ranks of police officers the previous evening in Belgrade.

“I promised you that we would protect the peace and stability, in spite of the violent attacks of hooligans and criminals shock us all” , said the head of the State in the plane taking him to Paris for a meeting with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. “We’re going to win,” he assured.

In the night, the minister of the Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic, denouncing the ” violence in the pure state “, noted the “ten police officers” injured, including one suffering from a fracture to both legs.

Medical sources cited by the chain N1, the other hand, have reported 19 police and 17 protesters injured.

Protesters gathered outside Parliament Wednesday to protest against the announcement yesterday by the president of the reintroduction of a curfew in full during the weekend in order to combat a resurgence of the pandemic.

Serbia has more than 17 000 cases of people infected by the COVID-19, and 340 people died, according to official figures.

After the events on Tuesday evening, the president had backtracked, stating that the final decision on the issue would return to his government, without calm minds.

The grunts won Wednesday other cities in Serbia, Novi Sad (north), Nis (south) and Kragujevac (centre), where the premises of the Serbian Party of progress (SNS) of Mr. Vucic have been vandalised.

In Novi Sad and Kragujevac, the police had to fire tear gas to disperse the protesters, according to local media.

The protesters accuse the authorities of having promoted a second wave of the epidemic in rising rapidly the containment to be able to organize the elections of 21 June, largely won by the SNS.

As of Tuesday, the events of Wednesday night have resulted in overflows. Images shared on social media show at least a dozen riot police violently strike a young man on the ground.

In addition, the agency Beta reported that one of its journalists has been beaten by the police while he was identified as belonging to the press.

Aleksandar Vucic has, for its part, denounced the “political violence, the more brutal the past few years “that” night at the branding of Serbia ” at the time of need to resume negotiations on the normalization of relations with Kosovo, its former province’s ethnic Albanian majority that declared independence in 2008.

The Serbian president visited Paris for talks with Emmanuel Macron before a summit videoconference on Friday with the prime minister of kosovo Avdullah Hoti, the French president and the German chancellor Angela Merkel. The objective is to “restart the dialogue” between Belgrade and Pristina.

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