[IMAGES] Palais des congrès de Montréal: 35 000 masks come out by day

[EN IMAGES] Palais des congrès de Montréal: 35 000 masques sortent par jour

The Palais des congrès de Montréal has been transformed in the last few days in a huge warehouse of equipment medical protection against the COVID-19 of which are coming out every day up to 35 000 masks.

One of the rooms in which normally take place the exhibition was rented by the integrated Center for academic health and social services (CIUSSS) du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de – Montréal to accommodate significant amounts of material.

This is not the first time that the area is used during a pandemic. In 2009, it had held clinics, mass vaccination against the H1N1 influenza.

“There was a lack of space. There was a need for space to house 200 to 300 pallets, and we want to increase up to 800 pallets of material, ” says Elizabeth Gour, assistant to the director of supplies and logistics.

The institution will be able to have a pool ranging between 30 and 45 days. It must be said that the warehouse serves not fewer than 500 community organizations in the city in more than 70 clinics and more than thirty NURSING homes, hospitals and CLSC.

Up to 35 000 masks procedure out of the place every day, not counting the 200 000 gloves or 4000 disposable gowns.


The ” store of a pandemic “, which was arranged in particular in the auditorium of the CHSLD Paul-Émile Léger had become too small. The new location allows multiple trucks to be loaded at the same time.

“Every day, we take orders and it is delivered within 24 hours “, explains the head of centre inventory, Eliane Cantin.

Previously, the delivery will be made according to the needs, but due to the global shortage of several products and the strong increase in demand, it is necessary to store large quantities.

A SWAT team has also been created to find suppliers and ensure that you can make large orders when the opportunity presents itself.


It also requires a good dose of resourcefulness. A few weeks ago, the CIUSSS has almost missed of disinfectant gel. It was therefore necessary to manufacture hand-made products.

It is as well that we created a boiler cleaning wipes were made on site. All products are approved before being distributed.

Famous N95

If it is possible to get by with home-made products, some things remain difficult to obtain. This is the case of the famous N95 masks, most effective to protect health care workers.

“We managed to make a decent stock, but it is difficult to have good sources of supply for the N95,” said Mrs Gour.

Since a few weeks, the supplies for all the hospitals in Quebec are managed by the ministry of Health which ensures the equitable distribution across the province of Quebec.

A warehouse made for the war in Montreal

The explosion of demand for personal protective equipment in the health-care system has forced the CIUSSS of the Centre-South-Island-of-Montreal to relocate its supply service at the Palais des congrès.

Our Bureau of investigation has obtained an exclusive access in this hive of activity where is activated a team to cater to hundreds of organizations, clinics, hospitals and CHSLD centre-ville de Montréal.

Buckets of wipes with disinfectant

To cope with the shortage of some products such as disinfectant wipes, the procurement team has created what it calls the ” office of research and development “.

It is as well that a few weeks ago, it has developed a prototype of a bucket of disinfectant wipes. You make a hole in the lid, then fill of disinfectant product in which one immerses wipes.

After a trial in containers yellow similar to those where you get the syringes, we opted for the buckets, round, and white in color.

Less disposable gowns

In recent weeks, the CIUSSS has managed to reduce its consumption of disposable gowns (as in photo) by focusing more on clothes that are washable. And—, we went from 7000 disposable gowns per day to about 4000. A few weeks ago, the prime minister François Legault, had spoken of the shortage of gowns and prompted a quebec suppliers to make them.

The famous N95 masks

The supply of N95 masks continue to be difficult even if it is no longer critical as it was in the month of April last.

These covers-faces are considered the most effective to protect the employees of the network of health care providers who care for patients infected with the coronavirus.

The global demand for these masks has caused a scarcity of the product.

For the bus screening

An employee carries equipment intended for the bus which was put at the disposal of the directorate of public health to test potential COVID-19 in some areas like Montreal-North, which have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Tests in large quantities

A worker prepares an order for the buses to screening. It sends including sterile cotton wool swabs that is inserted in the nose or in the throat of the patient to detect the presence of the virus.

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