[IMAGES] Protest against the reform of the PEQ Quebec

[EN IMAGES] Manifestation contre la réforme du PEQ à Québec

Fifty students and workers of foreign are gathered in front of the national Assembly of Quebec, on Saturday afternoon, to oppose the reform Program of the quebec experience (PEQ).

“PEQ, injustice! Quebec, it’s us too!” shouted several times to the protesters, asking the new minister of Immigration, Nadine Girault, to revise this second version of the reform.

The PEQ allows international students and temporary workers to obtain more quickly a certificate of selection of Québec in order to obtain permanent residence.

Need experience

What complain to the student associations and trade unions, among others, it is the obligation of work full-time in their field for one to two years after their studies, before joining the program. For temporary workers, work experience requested is also extended.

“The reform puts into question the academic careers of the students. The auxiliary of research, the lecturers and the paid internships are not taken into account, so that they have the professional experience”, explains the president of the student Association of Laval enrolled in graduate studies, Aurelius Fanny Deutcha Nguelieu.

Another major point of this reform that creates the dissatisfaction of various organizations is the time-limit for processing requests from 20 days to 6 months.

Of such gatherings were also held in Montreal, Sherbrooke and Rouyn-Noranda on Saturday.

Since November

Remember that this whole story started last November when the Immigration minister of the time, Simon Jolin Barrette, had announced a first version of this reform. The latter was as a result of return of many students and temporary workers in their countries of origin due to a tightening of eligibility conditions.

The steps had then been suspended by the prime minister Legault in the face of the indignation of a growing population.

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