[IMAGES] protesters anti-mask gathered in front of the national Assembly

[EN IMAGES] Les manifestants anti-masque réunis devant l'Assemblée nationale


Hundreds of protesters are gathered under the rain, this afternoon, in front of the national Assembly, to protest against the wearing of masks compulsory.

Despite the rain that hit Quebec in the last hours, hundreds of protesters went in front of the national Assembly.

“We want to be free to say yes or no to the mask. We do not want that we are being forced to wear it. That you the doors, it is OK! But I don’t want to wear it,” explained one of the protesters encountered.

Another man says that the mask “is only the beginning” and fear now is to impose on a potential vaccine against the COVID-19.

“The mask is just a beginning. It is the vaccine, the 5G, the corruption. It is tanned”, lance-t-il.

“They put a date on the 18th [of July] and they said, “here, the mask is important.” Before, it was not important? Already, we find that this is not normal,” said another protester.

Many protesters believe that the pandemic is over, health authorities exaggerate the risk, or that the COVID-19 has simply never existed.

This is the second event of its kind held in Quebec in a few weeks. At the end of may, citizens had chanted their discontent against the various measures of containment and distancing.

A gathering similar, which was a plea for the freedom to choose whether or not to wear the mask, also took place in Montreal on Saturday.

Quebec reported Sunday 169 additional cases and 1 new death, bringing the total to 58 583 people infected and 5667 deaths in the province.

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