Immediate suspension of childhood vaccination against COVID-19 in Uruguay

Immediate suspension of childhood vaccination against COVID-19 in Uruguay


A judge on Thursday ordered the “immediate suspension” in Uruguay of the vaccination of children against COVID-19, pending the publication of contracts between the government and the Pfizer laboratory, as well as of the “composition of substances” contained in the product. 

The suspension, which affects children under the age of 13, will be in effect until “all contracts for the purchase of these vaccines” and documents “detailing the composition of the substances to be administered” are published in full, indicates in his decision the judge Alejandro Recarey.

The latter, who officiates as a substitute judge of an administrative court, followed a “recourse for protection” filed by a lawyer, aiming to suspend administering the vaccine to children. This vaccination is allowed in the country on a voluntary basis from the age of five.

The government of conservative President Luis Lacalle Pou has announced that it will appeal the decision.

According to the judge, it is necessary to “provide those responsible for minors who are vaccinated” with a document “which fully informs them and clearly” on the content of the injections, their benefits, the risks they entail “specifying their nature, their probability, their magnitude”, and the “adverse effects already detected, in their entirety”.

The contract between the Uruguayan government and the American laboratory Pfizer on the supply of vaccines has not been made public in the South American country of 3.5 million inhabitants.

Before the decision Thursday, the government had questioned the impartiality of Judge Recaray, stressing that he had previously “given his opinion on the subject” of vaccination against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health tweeted Thursday that the vaccination campaign in the country was based on “the basis of the p available scientific evidence”.