Immigration is not a fairy tale

Immigration is not a fairy tale


As you know, I have a passion for cinema.

Although I watch a lot of classics, I try to keep myself up to date, to stay on the lookout for new currents.

I watch what is being done here, of course, but also in South Korea, Iran, Sweden and France.


In France, the big subject, in the cinema, is immigration. I have the impression that three films out of five deal with this.

And always in the same way, from the same angle. It looks like these movies were all written by the same screenwriter.

Want to know what a typical French movie looks like? Simple.

Marie is a native of France. Her husband, a bourgeois who never stops working, is not interested in her.

One day, Marie meets an illegal immigrant on the street. (He was hiding in an alley, because a bad racist cop was running after him.) She falls madly in love with him.

Thanks to this warm man, she regains a taste for life. She learns the virtues of mutual aid, of community.

She sings, plays music, spends wonderful nights in a makeshift camp.

Then she leaves her husband, and goes to work in an aid organization for refugees, where she finally finds meaning in her life.


I swear to you, if I haven't seen 30 French films like that, I haven't seen one.

Looks like they're made in the factory. Like cookies.

Immigration is not a fairy tale ;es

Immigration is not a fairy tale


I understand that we want to fight against the cliché of the bad immigrant terrorist.

But it's like if we had gone from one cliché to another…

Is the role of cinema to “pass on messages” and “educate the population” or to show life as it is ?

In all its complexity?

Watching these films, it seems like there is no problem with immigration.

None .

Everything is beautiful, everything is rosy.

There is the wicked host society (full of white colonialists, selfish, racists, put it on, it's not ointment) and the good immigrants, who have not yet been contaminated by evil Western values.

Sorry, but that's not how life works.

All is not all black or all white.

These films are fairy tales.

As Mathieu Bock-Côté said to me the other day: “It’s as if immigration were the only social phenomenon that has no negative aspect. »


Migration flows pose extremely complex questions to the West.

Can we talk seriously, without falling into demonization or otherworldliness?

No, immigration is not the miracle solution to all our ills. Yes, poorly controlled mass immigration can cause serious social problems.

And no, it is not always the host society's fault if some immigrants fail to integrate.

Let's stop telling ourselves Christmas tales and rose water stories.

There are successes in immigration, but there are also failures.< /p>

And you have to have the courage to look at both sides of the coin.

Immigration is not a fairy tale