Immigration reform: Olymel launches a cry from the heart

The giant Olymel has issued its concerns about the new draft of the immigration program for foreign workers.

In a letter of nine pages of which VAT News has obtained a copy, the president and CEO of Olymel believes that, in its new form, the Program of the quebec experience (PEQ) raises serious concerns.

Réjean Nadeau said that the exclusion of the PEQ of some classes of jobs will hurt Olymel, which employs more than 700 foreign workers.

Some “20% of the candidates recruited by Olymel is désisteront even before their arrival in Quebec, knowing that they can not obtain permanent residence and bring their family with them in no time,” he says.

He points out that it is illusory to think that the québec workforce will be at the rendezvous after the crisis of the COVID-19.

“Olymel noted that despite the large number of nominations received, few applicants are truly interested, and that they are leaving their positions in large numbers as soon as they get a job in their field of work.”

Mr. Nadeau believes that one-third of temporary foreign workers could leave Quebec for other provinces that would give them access to permanent residence.

It is believed that this program could endanger the production. “Without sufficient personnel on the production lines of factories such as Olymel, food production at its current level is simply not possible,” says Mr. Nadeau.

Olymel request the establishment of pilot programs, such as for beneficiary attendants and workers in the sector of artificial intelligence.

The minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, is committed to finding a tailored solution to support the agri-food industry.

“To meet their needs, this is not the PEQ as it goes, it is by Arrima or through a pilot program. Then, I would like to reassure them that you will forget,” assured the minister Jolin-Barrette.

In its most recent report, the OECD indicated that the system Arrima must be complementary to the PEQ.

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