Impasse on the Quebec BD Festival

The list of cancellations of cultural events continues under the effect of the health crisis. It’s the turn of the Quebec BD Festival organization to skip its next edition, which was to take place from April 11 to 19.
“It is a tough decision to cancel an event that we have been working on for almost a year, but in the current context, we believe it is the right one, said Tuesday in a statement, the event director, Thomas-Louis Côté.

In order not to penalize the artists registered in the program, Quebec BD undertakes to pay fees to those “for whom activities had been confirmed and who will unfortunately not be reported”.

“This cancellation is a decision we are making for the safety of the creators who are the heart of our event,” says Mr. Côté. We do not want them to be penalized, especially in a period when they will have to live with other cancellations of cultural activities. ”

If all of the planned activities and exhibitions are canceled, the festival will offer “digital alternatives” for some of them and will postpone others later this year. The Meurtre à l’Improir and the drawn storytelling The imaginary feasts will be available online during the period scheduled for the event. The Bédéis Causa Awards will also take place as planned, but in a “reinvented and digital” form.

The play Elsewhere than Now and Women’s Planks, in tribute to Claire Bretécher, who died on February 10, are postponed, as are the Grand Quiz BD and the Afternoon Crazy Theory. More information will be available shortly on the organization’s website and Facebook page.

The 33rd edition of the Quebec BD Festival was to take place in around thirty locations in Quebec, with a program comprising some 130 activities and workshops, 24 exhibitions, 8 shows and several other activities. More than 125 authors from here and elsewhere were expected to attend the event.

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