Important water damage at UdeS

A very bad surprise awaited the University of Sherbrooke during the weekend. Due to a broken aqueduct on Friday, the D2, D3 and D4 pavilions of the Faculty of Science, as well as the basement of the J. S. Bourque Pavilion on the main campus, were affected by a major accident. ‘water.
The pavilions were reopened over the weekend with the exception of the basement of the J. S. Bourque Pavilion and Pavilion D2, which were damaged by water. Intervention teams worked all day Sunday. Part of the basement walls of the J. S. Bourque Pavilion had to be removed.

The basement of the Faculty of Science houses a lot of electronic equipment, but it was not possible to get a response from the University on Sunday about the severity of the damage.

A temporary connection was installed to supply the D2-D3 and D4 pavilions with water. The University recalls, however, that the water is unfit for consumption even if the bathrooms remain powered and functional. Posters were hung on the exterior doors, fountains and bathrooms to inform that the water is not good for drinking. Drinking water bottles with manual pumps were installed to serve students and professors during the non-consumption notice.

Track # 5, the one-way street past the Faculty of Science, is partially closed and traffic is diverted.

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