Impossible to be reimbursed for their wedding in the South of$ 30,000

Impossible de se faire rembourser leur mariage dans le Sud de 30 000$

A group of Quebecers to move to Cuba for a wedding in the month of march is seen in the impossibility of reimbursement of their travel with a total value of approximately $ 30,000.

The musician Anik Saint-Pierre was to be married in this Caribbean country on the 23rd of march after a year of preparation. On 14 march, the group of 26 people has understood that it would go nowhere because of the health measures announced by Justin Trudeau.

In an interview with QUB radio on Friday, Ms St. Peter indicates that the airline with which it did business had confirmed the refund of the stay, but that the latter went back on its word. He was finally offered a travel credit is non-transferable and is valid for only two years, which has “no good meaning”, according to her.

  • LISTEN to his full interview in the issue of Caroline Saint-Hilaire, at QUB radio :

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