Impressive thunderstorms in Saguenay

Impressionnants orages au Saguenay

SAGUENAY | thunderstorms have been so awesome, Thursday morning, in The borough of la Baie, Saguenay, that they have awakened the memories of the flood of 1996 in some.

Quickly, the rain accumulated in the streets. Lands have been ravaged and flooded basements.

“There are a dozen of the affected residences to the inside, outside, or both. There is sewer backups in 20 homes,” said the communications manager for the City of Saguenay, Dominic Arseneau.

“The river has overflowed and it has caused a lot of damage: the water came in the house, the garage, the basement even,” said Frédéric Gagné, a worker in Excavation LHC.

According to him, the consequences could be more severe.

“A few days of rain and it would have been a landslide,” said Mr. Gagné.


The resident of a home located on rang Saint-Louis had to get up in the morning to come and dig a channel to drain out the water.

“It kept more. The small stream never rises to the top like that. My blocks are concrete even fell,” said Luke Gilbert, a citizen of the area.

A few blocks away, other damage: a street is completely destroyed.

“The street has been ripped up in order to make a diagnosis. There seems to be water that has seeped under the asphalt, then it is also necessary to foresee all the risk of subsidence in this area to ensure the safety of citizens,” reported Dominic Arseneau.

“When I arrived, I saw the yard full of rocks, I had water with us, I was a little discouraged,” said the citizen, Isabelle Lapointe.

But who will pay for the damage? Saguenay will assess its liability. The victims have 15 days to report the damage to the City.

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