Improperly parked car: be careful, impound prices in Montpellier will increase

Improperly parked car: be careful, impound prices in Montpellier will increase

Il vous en coûtera plus cher désormais si votre voiture finit à la fourrière. Midi Libre – RICHARD DE HULLESSEN

Réunis en conseil municipal, ce jeudi 11 juillet, les élus montpelliérains ont approuvé la revalorisation des frais de fourrière pour les voitures particulières.

1945 avenue de Toulouse, near the Grand M roundabout, in Montpellier. An address that those who visited it one day would have preferred never to know. And for good reason. Change of terms and conditions of a skipped parking zone, one day's thoughtlessness, and presto, your vehicle ends up at this address in the blink of an eye, otherwise said at the pound. 

Rising rates

Although the latter has been managed as a public service delegation since 2018 by the company  Removal and guarding services Montpellier, the prices remain set by deliberation of the municipal council, in compliance with the rules defined by decree ministerial and article of the Highway Code.

A new interministerial decree, taken last February, authorizing a revaluation of regulated prices, the Montpellier town hall has decided to align itself with the rules laid down nationally. The municipal council gave its approval this Thursday. Thus, if your vehicle ends up in the pound, the removal costs will now amount to 127.65 euros compared to 121, 27 euros previously. As for daily childcare costs, they will increase from 6.42 euros to 6.75 euros. We have been warned.  

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