In 100 years, it leads and tai-chi

À 100 ans, elle conduit et fait du taï-chi

Centenarians are more numerous in Quebec, but few are as Fernande Side. The lady who was preparing to blow out 100 candles always leads to his vehicle, doing tai-chi and keeps his house.

What is the secret of this woman who is a mother five times, grandma 12 times, and great-grand-mom 23 times?

“I take things positively, first. Rarely negatively. […] I live from day to day and I take advantage of all the beautiful moments that pass. There is a lot in a day,” says coté.

“If I were to start over, I would do everything the same way,” she says also. Because I have been happy all my life.”

Sports, Fernande Side practice tai-chi frequently. “It feels good after. The movements are so slow that one does not get tired,” she said.

She also loves walking, swimming, cross-country skiing, but also the paint. Still very keen of mind, the centenary still leads his car all day.

“I had a knack for cars sport. Well, yes! The difficulty was not to go too fast!” declares the lady.

She admitted, however, that the containment that followed the outbreak of the pandemic was difficult, as she still bites in life.

“All the activities that we had, everything has been cancelled. It, is difficult. It is a long time.”

And what can we wish him for the years to come?

“To stay healthy. To be turned on. To be able to move until the end,” says coté.

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