In a defamation case linked to the denunciations

Une poursuite pour diffamation liée aux dénonciations

The father of a family montrealers accused anonymously of sexual harassment on a page Instagram sued for defamation, the woman he believes to be the author of the publication and calls for the withdrawal of the on-the-field.

“The plaintiff is specifically named and associated with behaviors that he denies vigorously, including interactions consensual sexual, according to him,” can one read in the pursuit bedraggled to preserve the identity of the two parties.

Accused of harassment in the wake of accusations of sexual misconduct in recent weeks on social networks, Montreal, has filed Tuesday a lawsuit against a former colleague, with whom he would have flirted eight years ago.

Consensual relationship

During the movement #MoiAussi in 2017, a colleague of the man would have received an email from the woman in question, saying that an inappropriate relationship had taken place between her and the father of the family while she was working at the firm.

However, in the same email, she would have admitted “clearly” that it was a consensual relationship, and that she did not consider that there had been “harassment or assault,” but that the context of work, made the relationship inappropriate, emphasises the continuation.

The woman demanded nothing on the part of the firm.

But last June 20, the Montreal-has seen his name on a publication accusing him of harassment on the page Instagram ” victimsvoices.montreal.south shore “, who have denounced anonymously to the sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to assault.

The page no longer seems active, according to what have seen in The Newspaper.

“The schema as a factual (and non-qualifying events) described in the publication is essentially the same as that of the relationship [between the man and the woman],” one can read.

Defamatory content

According to the lawsuit, the publication of the “defamatory content” night and violates the rights to protection of his reputation and his privacy.

“His loss is compounded by the fact that the page Instagram associated with rapists, suspected sex offender, child molesters, etc,” says the court document.

The publication is a public page and Instagram is followed by more than 4000 subscribers, indicates the document.

The man claimed, ” on an urgent basis “, the withdrawal of the publication to protect their fundamental rights and limit ” the scope of the irreparable harm which he suffers already.”

When they are identified, the administrators of the page will also be added to the list of accused persons, and the man could claim compensation.

–With Michael Nguyen

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