In Africa was found a new species of spider with a horn on the back

В Африке найден новый вид пауков с рогом на спине

On the back of a spider is an unusual long soft horn.

Scientists discovered in Africa a new species of spider called Ceratogyrus attonitifer (can be translated as “causing amazement”). As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the new species is unusual in that on his back is a long soft horn.

The new species has been discovered by scientists that participate in the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project, in Angola, in the course of studying the biodiversity of the region. What is the horn on the back of a spider, researchers don’t know yet.

Ceratogyrus attonitifer poisonous and love to hunt for insects. According to the authors, it is assumed that the venom of spiders of this type are not dangerous, but bites can lead to infections that may become fatal due to lack of medical care.

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