In “Alerts”, “Mégantic” and “Indefensible”: Éric Robidoux is not idle

In «Alerts


Chameleon is the adjective that best suits Éric Robidoux. After having made his mark in the theater and in contemporary dance, the actor has stood out for several years thanks to the diversity of the roles he carries even in our living rooms. 

Very busy in 2022, Éric Robidoux remains active at the start of the year as he continues the tour of the play “Le roman de Monsieur Molière” for four final performances, until February 9.

He is also working on a “very personal” fiction project with his friend Jean-François Leblanc, who is a director. A producer supports the duo and a broadcaster has been approached. So story to follow. “It's very embryonic, but we plan 10 episodes and the series could continue for three seasons.”

You can see Éric Robidoux in the third season of “Alertes”, on TVA, in which he slips into the shoes of the psychocriminologist Hugo Champagne, the new lover of Captain Duquette (Sophie Prégent).

“Things are brewing for Hugo this winter. He is curious about pathologies and he has an instinctive intelligence, so he is interested in an arsonist to feed his knowledge of individuals. He goes so far as to put himself in their shoes. He goes quite far in there and Stéphanie is going to be a little colder with him”, he said in an interview with the QMI Agency.

In addition, he will soon be back in the daily “Indéfendable”, in which he plays Laurent Bissonnette, a colleague of Sara (Catherine Renaud), the wife of Léo MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme). “Sara is going to tempt fate a bit, because Leo is not around often. Sara and Laurent are colleagues, it's rather platonic between them, but they spend time together.”

Featured in “Mégantic”

Éric Robidoux will shine even more in the most anticipated series of the year, “Mégantic”, which will be available on Club illico starting February 9. He interprets there a survivor of the Musi-Café during the railway tragedy of July 6, 2013.

“It’s so well written, sensitive. It was a commitment that was total and it made sense to do this project, in my heart and in my cultural references. This is a project that we did out of respect for these brave people.”

It does not stop there for its commitments. He will play a lawyer who pleads before the Supreme Court for the right to abortion in “Disobeir: Chantale Daigle's choice”, which will be available on Crave on March 8. “I had pages and pages to learn at the same time as the text of “Molière”. It was quite incredible as a memory game. I understood why people asked me if I had ever played a lawyer!”

After having distinguished himself in “Motel Paradis”, in “Cerebrum 2” and in “Les mecs 3” l Last year, Éric will also be in “Counter-offer”, on Noovo, and he will return to “5th row” on the side of ICI Télé. In short, the challenges abound for the 42-year-old man, who has made a living from his art for 18 years.

Saying that he loves “deep characters and auteur cinema” as much as the “sport of shooting television”, he would eventually like to do fewer different roles at the same time and land one or two more important roles, which he would be able to develop more.

“I like to play the hotheads as in “Motel Paradis” on Club illico. I like it to be diverse, on so many levels. Fathers, assholes, winners or losers, I find it fascinating, it's very nice of my peers to think of me and trust me.”