In Android P has a new feature

В Android P появилась новая функция

In Android P has been useless analogue of the important functions of iOS 11Android 9.0 Pie appeared Lockdown mode, which allows you to disable all biometrics on a smartphone and unlock it exclusively with a password, writes the with reference to Internetua

Specialists of the company ElcomSoft figured out the peculiarities of the new features and explained in detail how it differs from that of iOS 11.

The need to implement Lockdown stems from the peculiarities of American law, according to which biometric data used for identification (iris, fingerprint, face) cannot be considered legally relevant knowledge, unlike the password.

This in turn often led to the violation of the rights of suspects in crimes that were forced to unlock the phone, attaching a finger. To force a person to give out the password it was impossible because it was equated with testimony against himself.

How to disable the fingerprint scanner in Android

Unlike iOS 11, where disabling biometric scanners occurs five times pressing the power key, Android 9.0 Pie requires making a number of prior manipulations. For starters, you want to activate the Lockdown in the lock screen settings, which in itself is strange, because the situation in which you can make to remove the blockage may occur spontaneously.

But even this does not mean that you can immediately deactivate the operation of the biometric scanning systems. After holding the power button (on iOS 11 required a five-fold press) the screen will display a dialog box with a list for further action. There, among the commands shutdown, reboot, and grab a screenshot, and is Lockdown.

Despite the fact that the implementation of Lockdown in Android 9.0 Pie itself is a good step, the complexity of its activation is the big question as to its real usefulness. The abundance of preliminary actions prior to deactivation of biometric scanners, denies the user the ability to disable them quietly, disrupting the entire conspiracy.

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