In Antarctica found a particle from another galaxy

                                В Антарктиде нашли частицу-призрак из другой галактики

The galaxy is a blazar located at a distance of four billion light-years from Earth.

Scientists have traced the origin of high-energy neutrinos yunogo. The source of the “Ghost particle” was elliptical galaxy in the constellation of Orion with the giant black hole in the center, emitting waves of powerful radiation toward the Earth. This galaxy is from us on distance of four billion light years.

Galaxy refers to the type of blazers — very powerful but compact source of cosmic radiation.

The discovery helps to understand the nature of cosmic radiation — the rapid flow of elementary particles, which threatens the health of astronauts and space tourists in the future.

Neutrino — “third messenger” of cosmic radiation, after the lungs of protons and gravitational waves.

High-energy neutrino was detected by the IceCube Observatory at the South pole. 5000 supersensitive sensors recorded the characteristic blue emission of a neutrino interacting with the ice.

                                В Антарктиде нашли частицу-призрак из другой галактики

Having virtually no mass, neutrinos pass through space object without changing its trajectory. That’s why scientists were able to trace its probable source.

“Neutrinos rarely interact with matter. To detect them are rare, but to determine their possible source of triumph”, — commented on the study, Professor Paul O’brien from University of Leicester.

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