In Antarctica under the ice found hundreds of mummies

В Антарктиде подо льдами обнаружили сотни мумий

Scientists have found hundreds of bodies under the glaciers of AntarcticaOn one of the coasts of Antarctica, scientists have discovered hundreds of mummies, which were buried under the ancient snow, writes the with reference to Politeka

“On the East coast of Antarctica, Chinese scientists have found several hundred mummies penguins that were “buried” under the ancient snow”, – stated in the message.

Moreover, scientists were able to determine the cause of such unexpected death of the animals. So, it could be an excessive amount of summer precipitation and snowmelt, which caused the penguins hypothermia (hypothermia).

“… hundreds of mummified penguins was discovered by experts from the Chinese University of science and technology on the Peninsula long. Scientists stumbled upon the abandoned colonies of Adelie penguins (the most common). On the same place were found the remains of birds, which, according to experts, died about 750 years ago”, – underlined in the message text.


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