In April, Frontignan Karate definitely does not intend to lose the thread

In April, Frontignan Karate definitely does not intend to lose the thread

In April, Frontignan Karate definitely does not intend to lose the thread

Diego Rodriguez lors de la Coupe de France Shito Ryu cette saison.

Les compétitions majeures s’enchaînent pour le club muscatier, qui vise haut.

The Frontignan club has been preparing for the last of three major events on the national calendar for three months. The first two, the French Open in October and the Coupe France de France in January have already brought their share of medals to Frontignan Karate.

The fiftieth ?

The challenge of this last competition placed on the "National Course of Excellence" is threefold: to make a new Grand Slam by getting on the podiums of each of these three major events, obtain a selection for the French team to compete in the world championship next season, and offer the club a fiftieth medal on this high-level course.

The preparation of competitors for the French championship involved participation in prestigious Opens in Europe: in Brussels (Belgium), Lloret (Spain), the Austrian Open as well as the Austrian Open. rsquo;International SEN5 Rhien Shiai (Germany). But also in France with the Open d’Orléans and the French Leagues championship with the Occitanie selection. The Frontignanais achieved the feat of winning podiums in each of them!

Global ambitions

Frontignan Karate was founded fifteen years ago with the ambition of winning national and international titles. Over the seasons, he has diversified his activities to bring the benefits of the supervised practice of martial arts to a wider audience, but the search for high sporting performance has always remained in his DNA. Several generations of competitors have succeeded one another to build the impressive track record displayed by the club. And at the start of the season, Tom Avizou, Mohamed Benali and Mathis Revel Chion brought the total number of medals on the national course of excellence to 49… Several medals awarded in selections for departmental and regional teams, France B (Wado), and during one of the two participations in the European Championship with the France A team complete this list.< /p>

On the occasion of this French championship, Mathis Revel Chion, recently registered on the ministerial list of high-level athletes, and Tom Avizou, finalist of the French Open, are in a position to win selection for the world championship. A first for the club.
But this championship is also an opportunity for Théa Arghyris, Hanaé Duquenoy, Marie Avizou, Mohamed Benali and Houssam Makhloufi to allow the club to reach, or even exceed, the mark of fifty "National Elite& ;quot;. An objective that is all the more reasonable since most of them have already been on this type of podium. Unless the very young Diego Rodriguez, spearhead of the relief section, beats them to the post…

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