In Arizona and Texas, refrigerated trucks to relieve the morgues

En Arizona et au Texas, des camions frigorifiques pour soulager les morgues

In Texas and Arizona, two States that are seeing an increase of deaths from the coronavirus, the local authorities have ordered refrigerated trucks to increase the capacity of the morgues.

The u.s. State of Arizona, next to California, has reported 2583 deaths related to the COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The authorities of the county in which is located the largest city of Arizona, Phoenix, announced Thursday to have ordered the 14 rooms chilled booster that can hold up to 294 entire body, in anticipation of an increase in deaths related to the disease.

Other State become a hotbed of contagion of the COVID-19, Texas set a record Wednesday, with 129 deaths in a day, and there are at total of 3561 people dead in total related to the disease.

In cities texan as San Antonio (centre) and Corpus Christi, on the gulf of Mexico, the authorities are also preparing for a rise in deaths in commander trucks and refrigerated trailers.

“In the hospital, there are few places to put the bodies (…), and we lack space. Our funeral directors have more space, “explained Monday dr. Ken David during a press conference organized by the city of San Antonio, which the hospital system is” under pressure “, according to mayor Ron Nirenberg.

“We have refrigerated trucks loans in the region, in case we need it “, also said the mayor.

In April, the city of New York, epicenter of the pandemic of sars coronavirus in the United States, had also used these trucks to store the bodies who accumulate too quickly for the funeral can come directly to the hospital.

The United States add up to at least 138, 000 deaths related to the pandemic, according to the counting of the John Hopkins university.

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