In Armenia found unique structures that are older than the Egyptian pyramids

В Армении найдены уникальные сооружения, которые древнее египетских пирамид

Armenian archaeologists seriously took up the study of unique buildings – “the desert snakes”was Found on the territory of Armenia a unique structure – the “desert snakes” – thousands of years old and can change universally accepted history of world civilization, writes the with reference to Aspects.

Armenian archaeologists seriously took up the study of unique buildings – “the desert snakes” was found on the territory of Armenia. The structure of these ancient Egyptian pyramids, some of them date back to new stone age (XII-VI Millennium BC), superficially resembling geometric shapes. About this in an interview with Sputnik Armenia said archaeologist Mariam shakhmuradian.

Mariam, along with a team of four in October of this year is about to begin work in the village Aragatsavan Aragatsotn region. Archaeologists seek to identify the Dating found in this area, “desert serpent” and the agglomeration of houses.

“Desert snakes and sintering the houses are built of rough stone. They are mostly located at an altitude of 900-1400 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the mountains,” said shakhmuradian.

The archaeologist does not exclude that such structures range in size from 1-30 acres, was on the plain, however, due to the anthropogenic factor could be destroyed. There are suggestions that many such structures may be not only in the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions, but also in Syunik.

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“We are going to carry out prospecting work in Syunik region in order to find these structures,” – said the archaeologist.

The first “desert snake” was discovered in the 20-ies of XX century, the pilots of the Royal air force. Images from top to resemble a kite, so the construction was then given an appropriate name – air, and subsequently, the desert snakes.

Today, “desert snake” discovered in Jordan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq and Armenia.

According to the common version, they were built for hunting, but shakhmuradian believes that they might have religious significance.

“Finally we will be able to be determined after study of the structures, then understand how they are actually called and what purpose it was built,” said shakhmuradian.

She stressed that with designs related another interesting fact: the agglomeration of the house was always erected near the “desert snakes”. Why and for what purpose – and yet this remains unclear.

On the territory of Armenia recently also found smaller structures having a V-shape: they consist of two low stone walls of different thickness and heights that start far apart and gradually come closer. Still archaeologists are unable to say what they were actually built. Again, I assume that they were for hunting.

“For a hundred years, nobody could solve this mystery, as well as with the Egyptian pyramids. There are a number of versions, hypotheses, which have yet to prove,” said shakhmuradian.

She emphasizes that these structures are very important for Armenia.

Systematic studies of “desert snakes” started in Armenia since 2011. They are Armenian archaeologists and geologists, together with French and Israeli counterparts. Since September, the Armenian-Jewish team of archaeologists will work on the study of desert snakes. Archaeologists trying to understand the functional value, to determine the age of monuments.

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