In Australia going to build a replica of the Titanic. Video

В Австралии собрались построить копию Титаника. Видео

The ship will be different only in modern security systems and navigation.

Australian company Blue Star Line will create an exact copy of the legendary Titanic and will launch a new ship to sail in 2022 after exactly 110 years after the famous ship made its maiden and only voyage from Southampton to new York, reports the with reference on the Facts.

The project “the Titanic II” will cost nearly $ 500 million financed by an Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. According to him, on the liner can accommodate up to 2.4 million passengers and 900 crew members, and the Board will be provided the same as the “original version” of the ship, dining rooms, cabins, a ballroom with a Grand staircase and even a copy of the engine.

The new “Titanic” plan to equip with modern security systems and navigation technologies of the XXI century.

His first flight he will perform from a shipyard in China’s Jiangsu province to Singapore, and from there will travel to Dubai, and the capital of the Emirates will start a two-week cruise in Southampton. Then the ship will run between Southampton and new York in the summer, and in winter to serve other routes.

Recall, at the time of commissioning in 1912, the British transatlantic steamer Titanic was the largest vessel in the world. During the first flight in the night from 14 to 15 April, it struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic waters and was wrecked. The wreckage is still at the depth of 3.75 m.

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