In Bagnols-sur-Cèze, for everyone, a “historic” market… four days before the first round of the legislative elections

In Bagnols-sur-Cèze, for everyone, a “historic” market… four days before the first round of the legislative elections

The activists of the New Popular Front in numbers, about twenty activists of all ages. Here in the heart of Tamalou. C. C. – Midi Libre

In Bagnols-sur-Cèze, for everyone, a “historic” market… four days before the first round of the legislative elections

On the market this Wednesday, André and his friends. Summer and winter, they meet at crossroads to exchange news. C. C. – Midi Libre

In Bagnols-sur-Cèze, for everyone, a “historic” market… four days before the first round of the legislative elections

Candidate Christophe Prevost, from the WE movement, was the only one to be alone to tow. C. C. – Midi Libre

There was a lively atmosphere around the stalls this Wednesday morning. The teams of four candidates competing for the third constituency were in contact with the population. 

Elisabeth, 20 years old, studies political science in Paris, and has always been from Bagnolais. She supports for the first time, for the New Popular Front, "faced with the urgency of the situation". This Wednesday, on the Bagnols market, four teams out of seven candidates for the third constituency were towing. On Boulevard Lacombe, Christian Baume (Horizons) is active with three activists, another team is at the Aramon market. "The reception is very favorable, like yesterday in Roquemaure, indicates the candidate. People are worried. It’s about bringing moderation and appeasement. Horizons can unite."
Gilles now lives a little far from here. He wants to be present at "Tamalou"(*)  on this market day which he describes as'&amp ;quot;historical". "It’s a mess, he testifies. I worked at the town hall for 40 years, 40 years of promises. I'm ashamed." He meets Louise : "It's chaos in all directions. On one side or the other, it's going to be hard, shares this retiree. I wish good luck to those who are going to take the reins." "I know how I'm going to vote, says a lady. At our advanced ages, we give up a little. We feel powerless." Anne, in her forties, works in the medical-social sector. She is dejected: “We need money for the hospital and the school, that's the future.” 


The cohabitation of the different teams is going smoothly. Bernard is canvassing with the team of Pascale Bordes, the outgoing RN candidate, near the famous Tamalou. There too, discussions with passers-by are going well. “Can't wait for it to be over, it's pissing us off”, exclaims a lady. At the end of the market, the outgoing MP sums up: “We are very well received except when we debate with people who don't share our ideas. It's a quick campaign, it's complicated for everyone, there's stress. And at the same time, we receive comforting words."  She sends Horizons and its local deputy representative to the security of Bagnols for the purposes of mentioning in particular amendments on which she has worked (against drug, arms and human trafficking): "Horizons, Renaissance and the left voted against." 

Seen in the fray, and as usual, summer and winter, the mayor and his opponent Jérôme Jackel also spoke with citizens from all sides. Loïc, very concerned, is angry and relieved: "I was able to tell Ms. Bordes and Mr. Chapelet with respect what I thought."& nbsp; And rebels: "It’s scandalous and not worthy of Ms. Bordes to say Left front that it has Islamists within it, it's electoralist. And anti-Semitism must be fought, yes, like all racism."

"It’s complicated"   

In the heart of Tamalou, André, Henri and their friends cultivate good humor."We were talking about vacation. Is politics illusory ?" A lady reacts: "Holidays, we have the right to them because people have been involved in politics." "It’s complicated, I will choose the day D", said one . "Abstention is also a big party…", sighs the other. André, 86 years old, a veteran who has seen so many others, sums up: "We've never seen something like this. We don't know how it will end."
The New Popular Front is there in numbers (around twenty, all generations), including the substitute Vincent Poutier while Sabine Oromi is on the Aramon market. There are even two Spiripontains. "She’s a fellow communist. We all know each other, it's a family, with a sense of commonality,said Jean-Marie Daver. "We are very mobilized, confirms Bagnolaise Corinne Cancel. People, many young people, want to talk. We have a historic opportunity. We must not miss the boat, it can be very serious. On the other hand, there is uninhibited racism. We are the only ones to support the most deprived." "I've done campaigns, I don't count more, says, surprised, Michèle Oromi. We don't care about Mélenchon. There, there is LFI, PS, PC, it’s beautiful. I was rereading the Popular Front of 1936, a union too. Social Security is thanks to a communist minister."
As for Christophe Prevost, he is alone, or almost, to tow and stick 152 posters across the constituency… To a citizen, he explains : "The parties did nothing and made a mess. My movement WE (New United and Solidarity Organization) is the one that gives you a voice. I can not make any promise. I want to act. And I can't overturn the table if they don't let me in the room", says the restaurateur.
A lively, historic market.

(*) Le "Tamalou", "T'as mal où", “the place to be” for a long time on the market, at a crossroads.

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