In Berlin there was a mass fight of fans YоuTube

В Берлине произошла массовая драка фанатов YоuTube

Dispersed the fans reject.More than 100 police officers participated in the dispersal of the mass brawl in Berlin, organized, according to reports, two rival YouTube stars., the Chronicle with reference to the UNN.

The police said that the fight started on Thursday night at Alexanderplatz in the German capital. Nine people were detained.

More than 400 people gathered in the square after two popular utuber reportedly urged his fans to participate in a gathering.

The situation escalated rather quickly, with the result that there was a large fight involving about 50 people.

After an unsuccessful attempt to calm the crowd by warnings from the loudspeakers, the police used pepper spray and tear gas.

But even the police intervention did not end the carnage. Clashes continued in the nearby subway, where, according to reports, opponents rushed at each other stones gathered out of the way.

In the incident two police officers were injured, six people sought medical help with the eye irritation.

According to local media, the fight was the result of a dispute between two competing stars YouTube from Berlin and Stuttgart – Thatsbekir and Bahar Al Amood.

Both utuber in their posts in social networks deny guilt in the incident.


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