In Béziers, which hosts Valence Romans, we have been thinking about tomorrow for months

In Béziers, which hosts Valence Romans, we have been thinking about tomorrow for months

Les Biterrois espèrent briller en cette fin de saison. Un match qualificatif à domicile serait intéressant d’un point de vue financier. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

Recruitment, budget, payroll… On the ASBH side, we have already been working for months to prepare for next season. And to do this, each match won is undeniably a "plus". Beating the Isérois is therefore self-evident at this colorful end of the season.

Shining on the meadows is not just about preparing during training sessions. On the Béziers side, which hosts Valence-Romans, this Friday, April 12, it is on all stages of the rocket that we are active. This has been the case since the start of the championship. There is no question, in fact, of preparing for the next season at the last moment. In terms of recruitment, the Béziers staff, and especially Pierre Caillet, have been thinking about it for months. Since the matches have been coming one after the other. The "nugget" des prés cannot be found by snapping your fingers. It takes a lot of contact, negotiating and getting players interested. It was thanks to his network, in particular, that the coach managed to bring in Christian Judge, the pillar of Saracens.

At the end of the season, Béziers does not only attract the spotlight: "Pierre Caillet is on all year round be on the alert, specifies Jean-Michel Vidal, the chairman of the board. It is therefore not in April that it is decreed that it is necessary to recruit." Especially since if the ASBH is attractive, the club also arouses desire& nbsp;: "Of course, we try to get players,does not hide the leader from Béziers by thinking of the departure of certain elements like John Madigan, Clément Bitz or Maxime Espeut. This is one of the reasons why we must anticipate ."

If possible an increased budget next season

Financial side, ditto. It's already been many weeks since the club released the calculators: "We are making sure that next season's budget is increased, < /em> assures Jean-Michel Vidal. And we work on it early because it allows us to give the staff an envelope so that they can establish their recruitment." Without forgetting that to build the group, it is also necessary to rely on players from training courses: "We find it relevant the current team, specifies the president. But as there are departures, we are obliged to replace the starters. And we try to ensure that the new ones are more efficient. This is also why we are trying to increase the players' payroll for next season." This is far from being on the agenda, but if Béziers eventually climbs into the Top 14, it would have to be considered in accounting terms…

Knowing that financially, an end to the championship like the one that Béziers is currently experiencing is particularly interesting. More and more people are coming to the stadium (almost 8,894 spectators for the visit of Biarritz) and a qualifying match played at the Raoul-Barrière stadium would be a "plus" not negligible. Always thinking about the next season.

But for that, we must first beat Valence Romans, this Friday, April 12.

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