In Botswana, the man on the plane cruelly avenged his wife. Video

В Ботсване мужчина на самолете жестоко отомстил супруге. Видео

The pilot sent a flying plane to your house.

Resident Gaborone (Botswana, South Africa) after a quarrel with his wife hijacked a private plane and rammed home. As the portal The Citizen, the conflict occurred at a party in honor of the unborn child, according to the with reference to news N.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was drunk and hit his wife, he was asked to leave the festival. After that he hijacked a plane and called a friend to find out where exactly is the moment his wife.

Party guests were evacuated before the plane rammed the building.

The accident killed the only pilot, 11 cars were damaged.


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