In Brazil dug up a potato in the form of a huge foot

В Бразилии откопали картошину в виде огромной ноги

A unique discovery has been nicknamed “the leg of the giant”.

Marley and Paulo Coquereli living in the Brazilian city Meleiro, one day dug up at the garden foot, which, judging by the dimensions, could only belong to a giant, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Vosmiklassnica foot has five fingers and the proper human proportions.

The family thought before they were roaming the earth huge establishment, but in reality, the discovery was only the potato is not only abnormal in size, but irregular shape.

As noted by the owners of a suburban area, they are more than six years of growing potatoes, but I see this for the first time. Even the potatoes are covered with spines that look like hair.

Amazing discovery wife gave the Museum of potatoes in Florida, as to eat, this exhibit simply can’t.

В Бразилии откопали картошину в виде огромной ноги

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