In Brazil, the denial of Bolsonaro to the test for the coronavirus

Au Brésil, le déni de Bolsonaro à l’épreuve du coronavirus

The commentators in Brazil wanted to in unison on Wednesday that its contamination to the coronavirus serve as a lesson to the president Jair Bolsonaro, but most were pessimistic, some fearing it reinforces his denial of the severity of the pandemic.

“The contamination of the president, advocating for the rejection of the precautions against the disease, is educational, read the editorial in the daily O Globo, which also hopes to be an awareness of the population about the real dangers of the virus.

Since the announcement of his positive test on Tuesday, the head of the State 65 years of age has shown, serene, smiling, and very involved in his role of sales representatives of hydroxychloroquine.

A miracle cure, according to him, although very controversial, its effectiveness against the COVID-19 is not proven, then it can lead to severe side effects.

“I regret to inform those who are against the hydroxychloroquine I’m going very well thanks to it and that, thank God, I will live still a long time,” tweeted Wednesday, Mr. Bolsonaro.

“Example of optimism”

A response to the detractors of this substance, but also to the thousands of visitors who used the keyword avenger “Forcacorona” (going to the coronavirus) on social networks.

“I hope that his condition worsens and he dies. Nothing personal “, has bluntly stated Hélio Schwartsman in his column in the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, arguing that this wish would be ” defensible philosophically if it allows you to preserve a large number of lives.”

This newspaper was published on Wednesday, an editorial is more moderate, wishing “a speedy recovery” to the head of State, but hoping that the illness has caused in him ” a change of attitude “.

Several commentators have cited the example of the british Prime minister Boris Johnson. He also was ” coronasceptique “, before making a 180 degree turn after being hit severely by the disease, and having spent three nights in intensive care.

But for Everaldo Moraes, a political scientist at the University of Brasilia, ” if he recovers quickly, this is going to make his speech “.

“He wanted to give an example of strength, optimism and courage in the face of the disease,” he said to the AFP.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the head of the State has displayed a total disregard for any measure of distance, physical, and multiplying the bathroom of the crowd — most of the time without a mask — and lashing out at the containment measures taken by the governors.

According to Folha, the president would have even led to some discomfort in recent weeks among officials of the presidential Palace of Planalto, the receiving without the mask, “something queer,” according to him.


But now, the concern is there for the people he has met in recent days, including ministers, all forced to perform their own testing, in a country where the virus has done 66 000 deaths to date.

During the last 14 days, incubation time estimated for the virus, Jair Bolsonaro has been in contact with hundreds of people from several States, and photos published on social networks the show, often without a mask, or even shaking the hand of politicians or supporters.

On Tuesday, during the interview, a bit surreal, when he announced his positive test, the president of the far-right has admitted that he “may have been contaminated by the people” because he was thought to have already been infected in the past without having symptoms.

And at the end of this interview with tv channels sorted on the pane, he removed his mask, to show the journalists that he was going ” well “. Even if it will work now through video conferencing, it does not seem to have the intention to take more precautions in spite of its contamination.

“The president continues to act in a criminal, putting in danger the life of the population”, has denounced the Brazilian Association of Press, which has announced its intention to file a complaint.

But his supporters don’t care.

“The coronavirus, this is not the fault of Bolsonaro. And it is not the only one not wearing a mask, I see a lot of people who don’t wear them in the street”, told AFP Benedito Barbosa, retired military man, in Brasilia.

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