In brief in Alès: closure of the BAAAr, concerns among the firefighters and spring celebrations at the Bambouseraie

In brief in Alès: closure of the BAAAr, concerns among the firefighters and spring celebrations at the Bambouseraie

La brasserie de la Triple A avait ouvert le 29 juin dernier. Midi Libre – Robin Lopez

The essentials of what you shouldn't miss this Friday April 12 in Alès and the Cévennes.

For lack of customers, the “Baaar” closes its doors

Opened last June, the establishment located on Place des Martyrs-de-la-Résistance in Alès is permanently closing its doors this Sunday. A premature end for this beer bar run by the local brewery Triple A, based in Ribaute-les-Tavernes. Despite events organized within its walls, the “BAAAr” said he lost to a “city center that was not busy enough in the evening in Alès.”

Volunteer firefighters: a worrying letter and a motion.

A letter from the general director of civil security and crisis management worries the Gard firefighters. The general management has given notice to nineteen Sdis, including a large part of the Mediterranean coast, "to adapt the conditions of exercise of their volunteer firefighters by significantly reducing their activity."
This Wednesday, the board of directors of Sdis du Gard voted on a motion to "recall the essential role played by volunteer firefighters, denounce the recommendations proposed by the ;general inspection of the administration which are not applicable as it stands by the Sdis du Gard." This motion recalls that during large-scale events linked to fires and episodes of torrential rain, "the Sdis rely heavily on the resources of firefighters volunteers." If these measures were implemented, "they would directly impact the operational capacities of departments such as Gard, which is among those most exposed to global security risks."

It’s spring at the Bambouseraie

The bamboo grove, in Générargues, is celebrating spring this Saturday. And the Sentiers vagabonds association offers workshops, stands and interventions to see how animal life awakens (14.80   €).

Two bronze medalists in Muaythai

Two of the three sportswomen from the Alesian Muayhaï Cévennes club, participants, on April 6 and 7, in the French championship, in Coubertin, were distinguished: Alexandra Thérond and Caroline Chalmeton received a bronze medal.

The treasure hunt at the Witness Mine

This Saturday, at 3 p.m., in the Rochebelle Witness Mine, in Alès, a treasure hunt will take place to search for a chest filled with a thousand surprises, somewhere in a mining gallery (children from 8 to 12 years old). Info at 04 66 30 45 15.

The recipe: soap, an art!

This Sunday and Wednesday, at 2 p.m., in Saint-Christol-lez-Alès (2175, former Chemin de Sommières), cold saponification initiation workshop, and leave with 1 kg of superfatted soap, 100% natural. Real soap made by yourself. Info at 06 59 41 42 61.

L’workshop : about infrared

As part of the Wednesdays of the Alès cultural center, Laurent Aprin, from IMT Mines Alès and director of the Risk Sciences Laboratory, will present, on April 24 at 2 p.m. ;nbsp;h, a workshop on the universe of infrared, another vision of the world around us. Free.

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