In brief in Alès: lightning in Saint-Christol, march to Gaza and first singing fools

In brief in Alès: lightning in Saint-Christol, march to Gaza and first singing fools

Des bénévoles des Fous chantants ont distribué le programme chez les commerçants d’Alès. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

L’essentiel de ce qu’il ne faut pas rater, à Alès et dans les Cévennes, ce samedi 6 juillet.

Of the first “Crazy” seen in the streets of Alès

Passers-by this Saturday may have seen them in the streets of the heart of Alès around the Cratère, the town hall and rue d’Avéjan. Dressed in red t-shirts with the logo of the Fous chantants d’Alès festival stamped on it, Claire, David and even “Nono” went to (almost) all the Alesian businesses to distribute the program and posters of the choral festival which will welcome the singer Vianney at the end of July. There are still a few weeks to wait before the first vocalizations, but their passages show, in a certain way, that summer is beginning to rear its ugly head in the capital of the Cévennes.< /p>

Legislative elections: polling stations open until 6 p.m.

Back to the polls for the final round of the legislative elections! In Alès and the surrounding towns, polling stations are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The first reliable estimates of the vote, on a national scale, will be revealed at 8 p.m. As a reminder, the two Alesian constituencies feature a duel between the RN and the New Popular Front. In the 4th constituency, the outgoing deputy Pierre Meurin, clearly ahead in the first round (48.69%), faces, as in his first election in 2022, the socialist Arnaud Bord (27.38 ); % in the first round). In the 5th constituency, outgoing deputy Michel Sala (LFI) is running against a newcomer to the region: Alexandre Allegret-Pilot. This young 35-year-old Ciottist, supported by the RN, beat the representative of the left coalition in the first round last Sunday (41.02% against 33.03%).

Before the second round, a new march for Gaza

Still at the initiative of France Palestine Solidarity, the association mobilized for Palestinian victims of the war in the Middle East, a new march was held this Saturday morning from the square of the town hall of ;rsquo;Alès. An action which brought together around fifty people around the association and various unions (CGT, peasant confederation), but few elected officials or representatives of political parties. The reason seemed to come from the electoral truce period, in force today until the second round of the legislative elections, this Sunday.

In brief in Alès: lightning in Saint-Christol, march to Gaza and first singing fools

A new rally for Gaza was held in front of the town hall of Alès this Saturday July 6. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

Lightning split the “ball” of the Pyramid

The electrical storm of Saturday June 29 severely damaged the Pyramid of Saint-Christol-Lez-Alès, a monument more than two hundred years old which sits, today, on the circle -main point of the commune. But in addition to the sections of stone broken by the electric shock already observed, recent findings have demonstrated that the “ball”, a spherical stone which adorns the top of the structure, was also split right through. A hazard which will require, according to the municipality, more in-depth expertise to analyze the entirety of the damage in order to subsequently carry out the most complete repairs.

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