In Britain, horses in danger

В Британии лошадям грозит опасность

The country has got a very rare African swine, an effective vaccine that simply does not exist.In the UK there midges, which are capable of spreading African horse plague. Experts fear that importers may spread the disease to all parts of the state, writes the with reference to Aspects

Chief Executive officer World Worse Welfare Role Overs in a recent interview said that exotic diseases do pose a great threat to the horse farms of great Britain. African horse plague certainly is the “Armageddon” due to the extremely high mortality rate among infected horses. In addition, now there is no effective vaccine capable of overcoming the horse disease.

Danger and adds that, according to the survey, the majority of horse owners in the UK don’t even carry out basic biosecurity measures their animals, so the “horse Armageddon” could happen easily.

The British horse society indicate that the situation with the African horse plague will be actively monitored through horse owners. Everything, the danger is climate change and international movement of horses. While talking about the outbreak of African horse plague before, but the risks are quite high.

Chairman of the Board for the survival of rare breeds of animals is stated that many rare breeds of horses in the UK already have the threat of extinction. African horse plague can completely destroy them. Also there is a danger that all horses in Britain can completely die out.

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