In California observed a strange phenomenon in the ocean. Video

В Калифорнии наблюдали странное явление посреди океана. Видео

California residents shocked sun in the middle of the ocean on December 25 last year in California, people observed a strange phenomenon: close to the shore arose a strange glow a bright red color that resembled the sun. However, as we know, the sun sets in the horizon, not in the middle of the ocean, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

Network users began to put forward various theories about what they saw. According to some, in the matrix in which we all live, was a glitch. Others accused the anomaly of aliens. The majority believes that could light up a secret submarine base humanoids. Others believe in divine intervention.

There were also skeptics who considered the anomaly in the usual Mirage. May really was an illusion, during which people observed an additional strip of water. some Americans assumed the existence of a video.

Alternative experts are sure that in California it was something beyond normal and natural. The number of anomalies has always been great, but only modern humans have the ability to fix most of them. Each time we see the miracles that become more amazing and impressive.


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