In Catalonia, banned from dancing with strangers, in time of pandemic

En Catalogne, interdit de danser avec des inconnus, en temps de pandémie

“We want to dance “, claimed Tuesday the nightclubs of Barcelona, claiming that it was a standard adopted by Catalonia, which does not allow to dance that the people who are already familiar with, and only in restaurants or hotels.

At the end of last week, the catalonian regional government had authorized the resumption of the dancing in the nightclubs, after the lifting of the state of alert that was in force since mid-march in Spain due to the pandemic.

But on Monday, the regional executive income on its decision in a resolution aimed at reducing the risk of contagion in the night clubs.

The health authorities of catalonia have said that the discos should keep closed the dance floor or put tables for consumers to sit.

The dance floors are located in other types of establishments, such as restaurants and hotels, may be used by the dancers, but only if it is ” groups of people usually in relation to and in close contact “.

The social networks are blithely gaussés of this resolution, which has also caused outrage in the sector of the nightclubs that was preparing to reopen after months of inactivity.

“They keep us from dancing then that is what we like the most-to-all “, criticized the secretary-general of the union of the clubs of Barcelona, Ramon Mas, at an appearance in the regional parliament.

“A night club without dancing, it is like an opera without music, or a restaurant without food,” he repeated, before telling: “We don rouvrirons not if we can’t let the people dance “.

The secretary-general of the employers ‘ organisation Spain Night Life has affirmed to the AFP that this standard would, in fact, the boxes illegal. “To know the degree of relationship between a person and another key to their intimacy and a contractor can not take care of it,” said Joaquim Boadas, which rather proposes to allow the dance with mask.

The regulation concerns not only the nightclubs of the second city of Spain, Barcelona, including the nightlife attracts many young Europeans, but also tourist destinations like Lloret de Mar or Salou.

After a confinement severe, Spain has put an end to the last weekend in the state of alert declared in mid-march to slow down a pandemic that has claimed more than 28.300 dead.

Although the country has reopened its border and lifted all restrictions on the movement of travellers, it is always mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m between the people or wear a mask when this is not possible.

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