In Chernivtsi arrived drunk the ambulance doctor. Video

К ребенку в Черновцах приехал пьяный врач скорой помощи. Видео

Examination confirmed the presence of alcohol in the blood.

Family in Chernivtsi accuses the doctor of ambulance in drinking on the job. So, according to the parents of a four year old Catalina, whose birth epilepsy, the doctor has arrived on a call drunk, reports the with reference to NewsOne.

Adults called an ambulance because could not bring down a high temperature my daughter and was afraid the onset of seizures. However, came to call the doctor allegedly began to yell at them and behaved inappropriately.

“The doctor came, folder, quit, started waving his hands, began to cry: why have you called me here, my time was taken. If the temperature would be 40-42, then you called me” – said Ekaterina Nagirnyak, the girl’s mother.

The physician offered to do a shot of Catalina, but my grandmother felt that he smells of alcohol, and forbidden to approach the child.

Family members called the police and turned a movie on a phone. The doctor wanted to leave after learning about the law enforcement but he was not allowed to do so. The man was taken for examination, which revealed his blood alcohol.

Later in comments to journalists the physician stated that he had not consumed alcohol.

“In humans, there are emotions. No one was offended, no it is not a bad word to say. I don’t drink at all, I first time faced the such,” said he.

Guide first aid center sided with the doctor, noting that during 15 years of work behind him, no one noticed the drinking.

“The police will forward the materials to the court and if the court decides that he was intoxicated, it will definitely be fired, no questions asked,” – said Director of Chernivtsi regional centre of emergency medical care Vladimir Elenev.


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