In China, due to the river flooding affected about half a million people

В Китае из-за разлива рек пострадали около полумиллиона человек

From the high water suffers from China. In the South-Western provinces of the mud flows have filled the streets of many cities. In one of the provinces in the North-East because of the river flooding affected about half a million people, collapsed more than a hundred homes.

In just the last three months of rampant disaster killed more than 80 people, reports

According to rescuers, this year typhoons hit the mainland with great force. Were injured, 28 of the 34 provinces. In the disaster area were 23 million people. The powerful Typhoon was not the last 70 years.

Meanwhile, thanks to new approaches in disaster management over the past 20 years, mortality decreased by 85%, the number of destroyed buildings – more than 90%, decreased direct economic damage.

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