In China showed the first robot as a TV presenter. Video

В Китае показали первого робота-телеведущего. Видео

The voice of the robot is too mechanical.

China news Agency, Xinhua, demonstrated virtual broadcaster, which works on the basis of artificial intelligence and is able to read the text of the news.

The developers “presenter” claim that he can read a particular text as naturally as a professional presenter or speaker. However, with this statement, not everyone agrees. Some of the spectators noticed that his voice was “too similar to robot voice”.

Artificial intelligence technology was used in order to teach the program to mimic the voice and tone real speakers “Xinhua”, as well as their facial expressions.

“I will work tirelessly to keep you informed about the latest developments – the texts are loaded into the system, which leads me continuously,” he adds.

The Agency “Xinhua” said that their new “anchorman” can work round the clock and thus can help to reduce the expenses that go into the creation of news releases.

It can also be useful in situations when the news release must create an emergency.

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