In Costa Rica are fighting with cats, smugglers who deliver in the prison phone (video)

В Коста-Рике ведут борьбу с котами-контрабандистами, доставляющими в тюрьмы телефоны (видео)

In Costa Rica the police is fighting with the new fashion trend in the criminal world. The guards have to catch the cats, smugglers, which are specially trained to illegally bring into the prison cell phones.

The Ministry of justice of Costa Rica has published a video capture of one such cat. He was arrested while trying to smuggle a phone into prison, La Reforma the city of Alajuela. Parcel of “smuggling” was attached to his chest and tied to the neck. Inside was a used phone, charger, spare battery and headphones. Over the last two weeks it already the second cat, which “arrested” by the guards of this prison.
Cats as couriers are more popular than people. Transmission phone when we meet with the prisoner carries more risk. “Cat shipping” is also a cheaper way than to bribe the guard.

The phones prisoners can not only communicate with friends, but also to manage their criminal business, to exert pressure on witnesses and to carry out fraud by phone or e-mail.

A few years ago in another Costa Rican prison was captured pigeon is a drug courier who was carrying 14 grams of cocaine and marijuana.

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