In Cuba the mysterious disease “decimated” by canadian diplomats. Video

На Кубе загадочная болезнь "косит" канадских дипломатов. Видео

The same symptoms on themselves felt American diplomats in Cuba and in China.Mysterious migraine mow foreign diplomats in Cuba to poor health have complained of the thirteenth canadian. Two years ago, a suspicious syndrome almost quarreled America from Havana, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

The CIA and the FBI is still conducting the investigation. But the canadian government allowed each diplomat at will and without consequences for career prematurely to return home.

First, ringing in the ears, then the headache, spinning, stopping to concentrate and recall simple words or facts – is “the Havana syndrome,” they hurt only the American and canadian diplomats or their family members. Why the intelligence agencies and the doctors can’t figure out for two years, and the disease decimated new victims. Not waited, the Americans, re-opening the Embassy in Cuba. The ultrasonic scandal has swept all local news – diplomats began to feel these very strange symptoms at home or in hotels. From American to canadian Embassy – 5 km, it is unlikely that the staff could hear the same sound by chance.

In the United States continues the investigation, Commission of the us Senate questioned diplomats, intelligence officers and doctors, “the Havana syndrome,” migrate. In the Chinese city of Guangzhou Americans have similar symptoms. And again, only diplomats. A veteran of the foreign intelligence Vasily Bogdan says that he suspects “the ears of the Russian intelligence services”, and recalls that many employees of intelligence services of Cuba were trained in the Soviet higher school of the KGB .

“Technical intelligence and electronic warfare troops, who restored in Cuba – he can intervene in the situation, which is now in relations between Cuba, USA and Canada. It may be on a certain distance is made, using appropriate equipment, this can be the situation when equipped premises”, – said Vasily Bogdan.

Russian propaganda openly brags acoustic cannon – showing it in the news on the Federal channels. But alluding to the secret development of Americans who have acoustic weapons even better. Experts say that it is above all the intensity of a wave.

While the human ear it may not need to hear. “When affected by the sound wave that it affects not only the eardrum that all know that can be a gap, but also a significant part of the auditory analyzer is very large, it is located in the Central nervous system and brain. And there is another very sensitive elements are receptors of the auditory analyzer,” explains doctor of medical Sciences Tatiana Shydlouskaya.

“Even a small sound pressure level acting on us is not nice. It is very irritating affects us,” adds the Professor of acoustics “KPI” Vitaliy Zayets. Scans of the brain affected, they say, the camera is not the doctors look like they have suffered a concussion. However, no external signs no. Cuba categorically says: she wasn’t involved and helps the investigation, which lasts for two years and no results given.

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