In Cuba, wireless Internet access became available to all

На Кубе беспроводной интернет стал доступен для всех

The Cubans finally, at any time will be able to connect to the network from your smartphone. The Cuban government opened to all residents of the mobile Internet access on 3G technology. The Cubans had the opportunity at any time to connect to the Internet from Thursday, 6 December, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

The cost of different tariffs ranging from 7 to 30 convertible pesos, the exchange rate is approximately equal to the U.S. dollar.

As said by one of the island’s residents, student Frances Munoz, the first day of mobile Internet worked well. However, Cubans still have to get used to manage traffic, not to spend all at once, said muñoz. The maximum traffic volume that provides the only mobile operator in Cuba ETESCA equal to 4 GB.

Informed Cuban population to access the network had to visit the parks with wireless Internet only in the country about 1200. To connect to the network it was purchased a special card, and hour of Internet is worth approximately one dollar.

Despite the innovation, many Cubans still will not be able to afford mobile Internet. The average monthly income for the island, according to the report of the foreign Ministry, is $ 31. In addition, the mobile phone owns less than half of the population.

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