In déconfinement: radio, golf and fishing to Jean-François Baril

En déconfinement: radio, golf et pêche pour Jean-François Baril

After a spring rather quiet, and pandemic requires, Jean-François Baril begins the summer season with a new project. As early as 15 p.m. Monday, it will be at the helm of the issuance of the return on QUB Radio. “It is a really good challenge to put me in danger,” he said.

Jean-François Baril has seen most of its contracts fall with the arrival of the COVID-19.

“I had to do a lot of corporate events in the spring,” he said. It was the end of year rebates, galas, game nights, conferences. For a week, everything is “débooké”. “

Fortunately, he was able to keep his two chronic Hi Hello as well as a few passages on the radio.

“I have been able to continue to keep me busy. “

The father of two teens 15 and 17 years of age, Jean-François has agreed with them that when they were advancing their work to school in the morning, he participated on his other projects.

“I see different games. I’ve also started to write another book, in addition to sketches for tv shows. “

A few weeks ago, he received a call that would change his summer schedule. The direction of QUB Radio proposed to him to animate the issuance of the return all summer. Jean-François will, among other collaborators, Olivier Primeau, Félix Séguin and François Lambert.

“I had already replaced there for eight weeks in November and December. It went well and they told me that they thought I would remind. But with the COVID, I believed in the medium. Finally, the phone rang. It is a really good challenge to put me in danger. I’ve done a lot of variety and humor in the past. Here, I’ll be able to talk about hot topics, but to my sauce. It is motivating as a new experience. “


In his free time this summer, Jean-François account go play golf with his boy. And he also plans to return to make small trips of fishing outfitters.

“We did one the other weekend. There are not too far from Montreal. “

Before the weather unloads, Jean-François spent several evenings watching tv with the family. As the blows of heart of quebec, he appoints Blue Moon, and Leo.

Blue Moon is a good series that is captivating with action and love. This is comparable to the best series in the world. Leo, this is a nice comedy that’s also tender. It is a good feel-good. I love the character of Chabot ! “

On Netflix, it has also loved The Last Kingdom, Ozark, and The Last Dance.

Side cinema, it has caught up with the quebecois film Liar. And with his daughter, he has watched many of the classics of the seventh art.

“She is going to in cinema and it has received a poster scratch with 100 movies to see or see again. We saw, among others, The Godfather, Back to the future, Fight Club, Seven , and Forrest Gump. “

The suggestions of Jean-François Baril

Tv series

  • Blue Moon
  • Leo


  • Liar
  • The Godfather
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