In Dnipropetrovsk region the old woman kicked out of the tram. Video

В Днепропетровской области старушку выгнали из трамвая. Видео

The driver didn’t want to go due to the fact that she smelt badIn the Dnipropetrovsk region in the town of Kamenskoye, the driver of tram No. 4 kicked the elderly woman because of an unpleasant smell. The incident took video, which was published in the “Typical Dneprodzerzhinsk (Kamenskoe)” in Facebook, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

The driver refused to go until the pensioner does not come from the interior of the tram. Eyewitnesses driver behaviour greatly angered. People began to ask questions of the man, on what basis should a woman leave the transport.

What the driver began to refer to rules that hung in the tram, where it is written that the passenger can stay in the cabin in case it does not stain your clothes other people.

The driver noted that she smelt and she previously alleged many times defecate on the seat of the tram. In addition, according to the man, she spends her days sitting on the street and begging.

It is worth noting that the tram many of the passengers supported the driver. However, among users there are people who are outraged by the behavior of men.

“People should remain people. That you will help the person you do not lose anything,” commented Fedotkin Svetlana Kupina.

“Disgrace! In the situation of this woman could be anyone! No one is guaranteed. How embarrassing. Know not what they do. God Forgive Me!”, wrote the Faith of the net.

“The driver and the conductor to kick out and fired on the article!”, said one of the users.

В Днепропетровской области старушку выгнали из трамвая. Видео


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