In Egypt have unearthed an ancient collection of cat-mummies

В Египте раскопали древнюю коллекцию кошек-мумий

Egyptian archaeologists in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara have unearthed a rare collection of mummified cats.

In Egypt archaeologists have discovered a rare collection of mummified cats in the tombs of the Fifth dynasty of the pharaohs (about 2.5-2,35 thousand years BC), according to Reuters.

Among the finds of dozens of cat mummies, and gold statues of cats, and also a bronze statue of the Egyptian goddess of cats Bastet.

In the tomb there were found numerous mummified scarab beetles, which the Egyptians used as amulets.

The artifacts were found in seven tombs found in the past six months on the outskirts of the complex of pyramid of Pharaoh Userkaf in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, South of Cairo.

Earlier, scientists have deciphered an ancient Egyptian love spell. In addition, in Egypt found a new statue of the Sphinx.

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