In Facebook on Android appeared dark mode: how to enable

Dark mode for Facebook useful for vision at night

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В Facebook на Android появился темный режим: как включить

Dark mode for Facebook is already on the testing stage

After the release of the Apple operating system macOS 10.14 Mojave with a “night mode”, the developers started to add their apps dark theme. So the dark mode has received a Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and Google Chrome. Recently dark mode got Facebook Messenger, and yesterday it became known that the developers of the popular social network are preparing a dark theme for the main app, Facebook.

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Jane Manchun Wong that before everyone announces new features for apps Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in his blog wrote that he had discovered in the Android Facebook app, a new dark mode, which is still under testing, so hidden from users and to include it as of yet.

Wong notes that the new design of the app Facebook is very bright and almost completely white, making it potentially harmful to people when used in the dark – many users sit in the social networks just before bed. Risks can be mitigated by using dark mode, which was discovered in the code of the mobile application.

В Facebook на Android появился темный режим: как включить

Dark the subject is has Facebook Messenger

Night theme for Facebook is not ready yet – in part shows white text on a dark background. This means that the full version will be released soon, left too much work to optimize, but found the regime gives hope that with the redesign of the mobile version will appear comfortable for eyes dark design.

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For those who want to use dark mode without waiting for Facebook it will implement, you can use third-party applications for social networking, for example, Simple Pro – it paid, but now at a discount can be purchased for 24.99 USD, or Fella for Facebook, which also has a dark design and is only 10 UAH.

В Facebook на Android появился темный режим: как включить

The dark theme in Facebook you can enable only in third-party applications, for example, in a Simple Pro

We will remind that earlier at Facebook demanded to give up “likes”. In turn, Instagram and WhatsApp will get a new name.

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